Caterday Quilts: April 27

Martha Knoll‘s border on this very stunning quilt features basset hounds. She writes, “I have many basset lovers who I make quilts for, plus the ones that go to rescues for raffles/auctions”. She also says that she uses paint chips to help pick her fabrics…a great idea!

Martha also created this quilt for a friend. They almost look alive!

This is the pattern on graph paper that Martha Plante drew to create the quilt/mat she made for her cat Frankie. We featured it last Caterday and it was popular with our readers.

Patsy Cosby
made a Hello Kitty baby quilt and a matching doll quilt. It’s such a cute idea.

Duska Hepner says that both their dog and their grand-dog like the quilts she makes.

And, finally, we’ll end Caterday with this charming photo from Marie Payne.

Goodnight to all the good quilters and our animals great and small.

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