Caterday Quilts: August 24 Evening

This quilt is called “For All the Cats I’ll Ever Love” and was posted by Betty Hunt Hughes. Betty’s words describe her quilt best,

“Madefrom my collection of cat fabrics using one of Ami Simms’ I Spy patterns. The little black squares are 3-D. Some of the fabrics represent the kitties I have loved over the years, some of them represent interests of mine and of family members.”

The colors in the quilt are just marvelous and draw the eye into such happy representations of cats. It’s a work that will always bring smiles.

“This is Eve she is my quilting partner!” — Kim Putnam


“ForCaterday….Here’s my addition using a favorite pattern I found here. This is Sophie on the top step, them Pearl followed by Billy and Butch on the bottom step.” — Judy Roberts

(Note: This is a pattern that has been a favorite with a number of our readers. Judy had seen it earlier and made her version using a garden them for the “steps” the the border. She calls it “Cats in my Garden”. It’s delightful!)

“MyOopsie checks out the quilts that I make for an orphanage in Ghana, West Africa before I send them to make sure they’re comfy…. Please like my facebook page: “Quilts of Love for Orphans”!” — Linda Erickson

“My dog, Max, is a big helper when it’s time to piece together blocks!” — Rhonda Hearne

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