Caterday Quilts: August 24 Morning

On Caterday (also known as Saturday) we like to feature quilts about cats and dogs, or our other loved pets, and photos that show how they “help” us quilt. Sometimes they hold down the fabric or pieces. At other times they supervise the sewing machine or take over the role of quality control. Sometimes they just want to make sure a finished quilt is comfortable. Everything that is shown comes from our 24 Blocks Facebook community members.

The adorable cat is named Rocket. He’s laying in Susan Garrett‘s lap as she quilts. Although Rocket is clearly a much loved guy and used to attention, we’d like for everyone’s attention to also be drawn to Susan’s quilt. It is, in our opinion, a fantastic work of art that we’d love to see someday in a museum or gallery show. She writes that she has been working on it for 10 years and is now halfway into the quilting phase. In the collage of photos below you can see, clockwise, the front and back, the hand quilting, the tiny squares used to create the mosaic effect, and the large size of the quilt as held by Susan.

We’d like to say “thank you” to Susan for sharing the photos of her quilt, and Rocket, with us. Yes, it is very inspiring. We’re sure Rocket also has had a role to play. It always seems like loving pets help bring out creativity and that level of patience that a long-term project requires.

Sylvia Rodriguez writes that her kitten Jackson found a good hiding place for his nap. He clearly has good taste knowing that the stash always beckons.

This is Pat Dubois‘ cat Jesse. Pat writes that he is fading and that her sewing room won’t be the same without him. Those of us who’ve had beloved pets who get old or who become ill know that it’s aways hard. We can all wish Jesse the best and as many good days as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has posted. Stay tuned for more later today. It is Caterday. Meanwhile…Happy Quilting!

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