Caterday Quilts: December 14

It is Caterday…the day we feature quilts celebrating the pets we love…or our pets helping us quilt. This morning we’re expanding it out a bit to include two fun quilts about cows and goats. Here it goes…

from: Martha Plante: “And this is what quilting turned her into. Deceptive, isn’t it?”

Martha’s comment is referring to her Grandcat below. Martha did a wonderful job capturing her likeness. It’s a delightful work!

from: Martha Plante: “This is Youngerdaughter’s evil cat, Marigold”

from: Charlotte Timmons: “A Christmas gift for a goat lover.”

We have to say this is the first goat quilt we’ve seen at 24 Blocks and we just love it! They have so much personality! This would have been so much fun to do…and to give as a gift that will bring smiles for decades.

from Marilyn Munday Ash: “Here’s my cow bedspread…There was no pattern for the quilt–it just sort of evolved–well there was a pattern for the cow. I had to make some alterations for the bull.

Ok, let’s not tell the bull he was “altered”. 🙂

Marilyn also writes that it is her first quilt! She made it for her brother. It started out as just a quilt, but grew into a bedspread. She also made a cow pillow and shams. Notice, too, the barns and tractors on the sides and that the cows are all a bit different.

from: Valerie Davis: “My fat cat Magic has his own spot on my sewing table.”

We’d like to end this morning by again thanking everyone who enjoys both quilts and critters.

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