Caterday Quilts: February 23


Quilter Becky Erdman calls this her Dream Cat-cher! We love it! If we napped as much as cats do, however, we’d have to have a whole house full of dream catchers! It’s so nice to translate our interests in family, pets, community, sports, etc into our own art forms. Stitch those dreams!


Carol Ireland made this delightful lap quilt and posted it on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. Don’t you love the fluffy one with red material and the pattern on the borders? The black and white fabric that looks like fringe is especially striking. Thanks so much, Carol, for sharing it with our community! Love the paw print in the middle, too!


We wanted to share a detail of part of the Crazy Cat quilt by Pat Engel we featured last week. Notice the cat’s eyes and the little mice nibbling away! It’s so creative. Thanks, Pat, for giving our readers a close-up look, too.

Mary Jo
MaryJo Ortiz, in the best traditions of quilters through the ages, made this Bear Claw out of “Wendell’s shirts”. One rule of life, too, is that if you don’t want you cat on a quilt, she will always jump on it. If you’re trying to get her to be still for a photo, she’ll protest. We love both the quilt and the cat. Thanks, MaryJo, for sharing them with us. Those shirts will live for decades now.

And, last but not least….

Here is Sharon Mason‘s Skyy with a favored quilt. Skyy as good taste. Thanks, Sharon, for sharing such a daring with us!

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