Caterday Quilts: July 13

Hope everyone enjoys the fun with Caterday. We all love our pets, both those who “help” us quilt and the celebration of them all in fabric form. All the photos shown were shared with us by our readers. The comments are in their own words.

“Isaw this quilt in a Quilters Newsletter Magazine and I had to make it. It hangs in my living room. I have two cats Hannah and Maxwell.” — Mary Knowles

“Josie’s Cat Quilt..note the bottom right cat is stalking something that is in the center bottom block! a mouse..eeek!Judy Dycus

“Whenmy BFF lost her most favorite cat I added these playful appliques to a quilt I had already made and gave it to her as a comfort quilt.” — Beatrice Berry


“Ilove to snuggle with this quilt that I made in memory of my two cats. They brought so much joy to my life and I still miss them. ” — Suzanne Gibson

Here is a Quilt that my Sister-in-law & I created for a Raffle to benefit 100% to Oregon Dachshund Rescue!” — Joanne Larsell

This one was for my SIL who loves cat’s and the color blue, think we have her covered!! no pun intended…hehe” — Eileen Marquardt

from Yvonne Myrick. Notice that the dog is saying he was framed by the Cat. 🙂

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