Caterday Quilts: July 6

On Saturdays we love to show off just a few of the photos, posted by our readers, of cat quilts or cats helping quilt. Dogs and other pets are accepted, too! Saturday is Caterday at 24 Blocks.

“Somethingfor Caterday! My daughter’s adorable cat, Raider, perched atop a quilt Imade for her. Is there a more photogenic little furball?” — Joyce Graham

“Here’s Frankie – helping me bind a quilt on Saturday” — Martha Plante

“I made this cat quilt for my sister-in-law for her birthday. It is all hand made except for the binding.” — Linda Boudreaux

“Peanut,my 17 year old kitty, likes to “help” as well.. but she picks colors that match her so the cat hair doesn’t show up. Good kitty.” — Sue Weldon

“A picture quilt I did of my cats. I printed their pictures on fabric treated to take printer ink.” — Dana Bailey

Thanks to everyone who has shared their creations, or creations in progress with the help of a cat, with us all at 24 Blocks.

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