Caterday Quilts: June 1


We love Laura Bishop‘s bright and vibrant quilt…and her cat who knows the perfect place to be. Laura commented, “A photo of my finished Terry Atkinson “Lucky Star” quilt with our cat, Juniper (June). She likes to pose on all of my quilts!“. Juniper clearly has good taste!

About five or six weeks ago, Martha Plante, one of the very creative members of our quilting community at 24 Blocks, posted her hand-drawn pattern (below) that she did on graph paper. She had created the design to make a wall-hanging she called “Frankie’s quilt”. At that time, Kelly Dilliner said, in a comment, that she’d like to use it to make a quilt in the memory of their cat “Blackie” who had recently passed away. Now it’s finished! Kelly has shared this marvelous photo of it and writes,

“Iwanted to share my latest quilt top I completed for my daughter in memory of our wonderful kitty Blackie, who passed away few months ago. Thank you so much to Martha Plante for posting her pattern of the quilt she made for her kitty Frankie. My daughter loves it.

We love it, too. It’s nice to see with the light shining through the top so the individual pieces show. Thanks to social media we now get to share ideas and finished projects without leaving home. Thank you to both Martha and Kelly for sharing an idea and creating something that brings smiles.

Martha’s hand-drawn pattern.

“Rats–she caught me in the wrong quilt! Frankie.” — Martha Plante

Skippy enjoys a day of sewing with mom!” — Barbara Shaw Wright

“Here is my cat, Manny, helping me quilt. I guess it wears him out! 🙂” — Melinda Westfall Wissel

Thanks to all of you who have shared photos of your cat quilts and cats on quilts.

It is Caterday!

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