Caterday Quilts: June 15

600291_622272764452577_759951032_nYes, we are starting our Caterday feature with a dog and not a cat, but we wanted to make sure everyone got a close-up view of Vicki Ibarra’s Bargello as well as her darling friend, Razzie. She said that Razzie likes to test out all new quilts to make sure they are ready for human use. The Bargello colors glow! Thank you for sharing both of them, Vicki, with our quilting community at 24 Blocks


Sherry Arrick cats, Jakey and Barnum, know that they look good in front of Sherry Arrick’s “Tilted Cabin” quilt she made. Sherry is using it here as a vibrant wall hanging. Thanks, Sherry, for posting your quilt and your quality control managers so we can see all of them!

970781_10201143534932430_195368448_nJulie Glenn’s cat has good taste. Don’t you love Julie’s version of the Log Cabin? There are so many variations on it. We’re not exactly sure what the official name is for this pattern. It’s alot like “Courthouse Steps”, but everything is in the arrangment of the blocks. It is very beautiful and vibrant.

296273_10151493250401728_316876405_nPat Adney shared with us her Caterday quilt. Notice not only the cat applique, but the outlines of cats quilted in the white blocks. Thanks, Pat, for giving us all this idea.

6326_538488306211709_1666595716_nRebecca Down’s cat, Diamond T, knows she looks good on a small table topper. We think that she wants it for her own bed. Cats always know when they look good and she looks good with that pink and teal.

270109_10151726575493203_1781566320_nThose of us with cats have to smile knowingly with Catharine Remus‘ photo. He cat, Will, is “helping” her finish up the binding on this baby quilt. If he was younger, he’d be going for Catherine’s toes! She says that Will helps with all her quilting but prefers hand work to machine! He’s so cute!

Thanks go to everyone who has posted photos of their pets helping quilt…and the quilts made with pet blocks or appliques. Our furry friends are always positive in their appreciation.

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