Caterday Quilts: June 7

It’s Caterday! It’s the day we feature quilts about cats — and dogs or horses or birds — or photos of our pets “helping” us quilt. We all know they are experts in pattern selection, layout, keeping laps warm, checking that the sewing machine is running correctly, making sure that the stash is well ordered and–of course–testing out the final product. It’s all for fun. Here are some to get the day started out right…

from: Carol Wayne West: “Cat is helping me cut fabric. She’s making sure I’m doing it right. “

from: Deanna Fitz: “Here’s my little helper and model of all quilts I’ve made. She will even stand on the floor in the morning while I am drinking my morning coffee, look at me, then look at a quilt, and only when that quilt is on my lap, will she jump up and lie down.”

from: Kelly Sutton Grant: “One of my kitty helpers, Nilla Wafer”

from: MaryEllen Lansing: “Stewart is the star in my quilting room! Mary Ellen Lansing”

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