Caterday Quilts: March 2. Part I.


Karen Shultz‘s Sylverster Shultz plays “Cat in the Stash”. He herds fabric.


Dale Bowers‘ Cadyn is quilting supervisor. Here she appears to be evaluating the pin placement.


Becky Erdman says this is her “nod to Andy Warhol. It’s “Kitty kat-kat Kitty”

This is Judi Williams‘ mother’s cat Squeaky who always helps with all their sewing projects. In this case he’s “putting just the right amount of slack in the material.”


Annette Ogzowicz writes, “Mom has cats So she asked me to make her a cat lap quilt. The pattern is fast easy and fun. I used the Funnyu cartoon cats and added on to them. Mom loves it and the cats do, too!”


Robin Johnson‘s Jib and Cairo work as a team to make sure that the fabric is properly pre-snuggled.


And, finally, for the first part of today’s Caterday special, here’s Emily Sickafus‘ Ruby who helps by keeping the rulers upright. Check out those paws!

Thank you all for uploading your photos. More later…. Happy Quilting with the critter helpers!

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