Caterday Quilts: March 2. Part II.


John Hambuch writes that this is master quilter Tina’s contribution to Caterday. She hand quilted around the cats to give a 3-dimensional look to it. It is beautiful and we want to say a very special thank you to both John and Tina. Art and talent speak to a very wide audience.

Elaine Kohler‘s Baby Girl helps with pin placement.

Ginny Carlson‘s kitty helps with the sewing by sleeping on the quilt and by making sure the thread is properly guarded.


Deborah Edwards Pettey messaged us with photos of two wonderful quilts she made for the waiting room at veterinary hospitals. This is one. We unfortunately can’t give a link so you can add comments on our Facebook page, but let’s just go ahead and say “Bravo” to Deborah!


Susan Miller‘s Gus hangs out behind the sewing machine waiting for her to start sewing.

Maureen LaComb

Maureen LaComb‘s helpers proved invaluable with this queen size quilt. It’s lovely!

We’d like to thank you all for your contributions of cats and quilts for this Caterday. We had a large number of photos uploaded. We’ll see more next Caturday!

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