Caterday Quilts: March 8

Good Evening. It is Caterday. It’s the day we celebrate quilts about cats…and dogs…and how our pets “help” us quilt. We’ve had quite a few great photos recently shared with us, so this is just the first “installment”. We’ll follow it up with more later tonight.

Thanks go to everyone who has shared in the fun!

from Vicky Longacre: “My cat quilt. If you look at the fabric, it’s all cats and mice.”

from Anne Riddell: “Sadly, Gypsy is no longer with me–but she loved to help me quilt, also.”

Anne also shared two other cats on quilts. Such a delight!

from Melanie Goody:Tilly helping me this morning. Does anyone else waste precious quilting time trying to photograph their feline assistants hoping to make it into Caturday? ? Tilly spent ages head butting my arm as I sewed, then even longer refusing to pose nicely! With five cats there’s always at least one in my attic sewing room lending a helpful paw xx.”

from Vickie Fixman: “My cat quilt wall hanging.”

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