Caterday Quilts: March 9


This is Elvis and he’s been very popular on 24 Blocks. Quilter Caren Eicke says he gets jealous when she sews for too long and he wants to be petted. We’re sure he provides lots of entertrainment! Thanks, Caren, for sharing Elvis with our community.

24 Blocks loves hearing about quilting projects done for charities and, so, it was very nice to see this wall hanging and matching tote done by Cindy Hickman. Cindy writes, “I made this quilt and tote bag for a local cat rescue group, South County Cats in Maple Valley, WA as a raffle item for their annual Catoberfest. The money raised went towards their feral cat spay/neuter and cat adoption projects.”.

This is such a beautiful photo by Ina Zahlten. She writes that it is of “Baby Geoffrey” and was made in January, 2012. He’s a beautiful kitten here and on a lovely quilted background. Thanks, Ina, for sharing him with our community for our Caterday feature!

We always love seeing quilts done by Tina Hambuch and posted by John. Tina’s work shows such artistry, imagination and skill. This one is call “Curves All Around” and is enjoyed by Babsy the Cat. Thanks, John, for the post.

Marta Goebel‘s Hana wants to go on a quilting retreat.

And, of course, we have to include a dog. This absolutely beautiful wall hanging is Becky’s Erdman’s “Faithful Friend”. It is simply amazing in every way. Thanks again, Becky, for sharing your talent with us.

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