Caterday Quilts: May 11

It’s Caterday, the day we feature cat quilts or cats on quilts or cats helping our readers quilt. Sometimes we let dogs and horses in, too! We all love our critter companions!


Just look at all the cats in Maureen LaComb‘s quilt! It’s a delightful work of art that would make the creators of the musical “Cats” take notice! Maureen writes that each cat is a different pattern and that they come from the “Garden Patch Cats” collection by Helene Knott. She adds,

“Thechubby white kitty is Cauli(flower)puss. The other not so obvious pusses are the royal emperor looking puss is Romaine lettuce. The greenand pink is a brussel sprout. Yellow is a Banana and the last one is apickle. I found pumpkin puss at my local quilt shop and had to get them all.”

It’s just so very cute!

Susan Mallon’s cat quilt has been very popular with our readers and she’s really been helpful to those who have requested more information. She made the quilt for her sister’s birthday. The cats’ tails join together. The pattern name is “KookKatsKwilt”. Susan says that the part that took the longest time was making sure the cats’ tails lined up. She writes, “There are two squares that repeat…the head/body square and the tails….I have made two….so much fun.”

Susan also gave the link she used for the quilt pattern: Thanks, Susan, for sharing it with our quilting community and providing information that will help those of us who are inspired to try to herd our cat fabric pieces!

Maryjo Ortiz‘s “Bear Paw” was made from her late husband’s shirts. It is very moving to see it. Whenever we all see quilts made from the clothing of family members and other loved ones, the memories come back. This is Nancy with 24 Blocks and my old cat always prefers to lay on a quilt that my mother made and had on her bed for a long time. My mother would like that. 🙂

Amy Dravland‘s Bentley always helps with the layout. 🙂

Shelly McIntosh‘s Shadow didn’t want this new quilt, made for a bride and groom, to leave the house. 🙂

And, the Dogs….

A quilt from the ever-creative Becky Erdman. Her work as a fabric artist and quilter is just amazing.

And, finally, from Cynthia Bloxom…. we all know who is in charge of Quality Control. (ps. the quilt is for her sister’s grandson.:)

Thanks to everyone who loves pets for including them for us all to enjoy!

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