Caterday Quilts: May 18


Janice Jensen’s photo of her cat Bailey by the light of her sewing machine is just so beautiful. Janice posted it for Caterday back in March and we have to say it’s one of the most beautiful photos of a happy cat quilt-helper we’ve seen. Janice writes that Bailey was always her sewing and quilting partner. He lived to be 18 and is greatly missed.


Barb Wood calls her wall hanging “Calico Cats”. She saw a similiar one and then drew out the pattern herself on graph paper. She made it for her daughter. It’s so sweet to see a sleeping cat and the use of calico prints for the bodies. Thanks, Barb, for sharing it with us for Caterday!

Marcella Brown’s talents always show in everything she does. This is her thread painting of a friend’s Sheltie, Levi, going through his maneuvers at a dog show. Don’t you love her use of the circles/hoops in the greens and fushia? Levi is handsome, but the wall hanging is beautiful!

Norma Doll made her large “Cat Quilt” for her granddaughter. It’s 110″ x 115″ and the fabric is full of cats! Any cat lover would love the quilt!

Ok, it’s not a cat or a dog, but a stuffed rabbit…but we loved Barbara Gibson‘s idea for a project for a beginning quilter or as a gift for a child who really loves his/her stuffed animals. Barbara said that the instructions for it come from -> http:/ bag/

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