Caterday Quilts: May 24 Evening

Hello Again! It’s time to bring Caterday to a close for this week. Here are four more darling photos of cats helping us quilt, plus one wonderful quilt featuring Akitas. We hope you enjoy them. It’s all about fun and an appreciation of both quilting and our pets.

Thanks go to Susan, Jen, Mary, Sonya and everyone else who has shared in Caterday.

from: Susan West: “For caterday, Charley helping mommy with the quilt.”

from Sonya Anderson: “I finished this last night. The stars are paper-pieced, and the Akitas I traced and enlarged from one of my books. Beautifully quilted by my enormously talented friend, Norma Riehm

from: Jen Paetzold: “Somehow….Bacon finds this as being helpful…go figure….lol”

from: Mary Smith: “Deja”

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