Caterday Quilts: May 24

Good Caterday Morning! Caterday is when we feature quilts about cats or photos of cats “helping” us quilt. Sometimes we let in dogs and bunnies and all kinds of other critters. It’s about fun and the enjoyment of both quilting and our furry companions.

Thanks go to Linda, Carmen, Janet, Laura…and Leo, Zeus and Sid…for sharing in Caterday.

from: Carmen Boyd: “Zeus helping me go through my stash.”

from: Janet W May: “Here’s my Caturday quilt. I enlarged the Tesselcat pattern that is free on the web to 12 in. and added some doggies from another free pattern.”

from: Linda Jackson: “A Caturday Quilt: Sid studies my hand-quilting very closely.”

from: Laura Thurston Flaherty: “This is Leo, enjoying my Abraham Lincoln quilt I’m making. I hope he makes it into Caterday quilts!!”

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