Caterday Quilts: May 25


This is Diane Richard’s “Baby” who’s guarding the sewing machine. She knows where Diane wants to be. 🙂

Betty Hughes writes that her cat “Cayden” loves to help quilt.

Jennifer Darnell’s “Kovu” supervises the hand quilting on her “Flower Garden” done in wonderful spring colors. Kovu doesn’t want one of those hexes to get away!

Marty Bodner‘s morning routine is alot like that of many of us with cats, her “Vinnie” waits until she has made the bed, with her lovely quilts, before he settles in for his morning nap.

And, of course, we have to end this evening with Marcia Haynes “Delilah” although it may take our readers to figure out out where the sweet thing’s head is. Marcia writes that Delilah appreciates a nice hand binding. And, yes, she is also cuddling her toy. So precious!

Thanks to all of you who have shared your pets helping quilt, on quilts, or just supervising. We all love the critters large and small.

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