Caterday Quilts: November 1

On Caterday we enjoy highlighting quilts about cats or dogs or any of our beloved pets…or our pets “helping” us quilt…or just enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Tonight’s feature is just for our readers who love both cats and quilts.

“I love helping mommy when she quilts! Here she is ironing fabric for a new quilt.” — Leo Thenewkitty

My first quilt, EVER! Getting ready to put backing in and start hand quilting. This is Sassy, my Ragdoll, on my quilt” — Angie Brubeck

“All my quilts are cat-tested and cat-approved! It’s part of Quilting Quality Control around here!” — Nonni Hilchey-Daly

“Mr. C always is loafing around on my quilts….” — Joan McConnell

“My niece’s cat on the tee-shirt quilt I made for a birthday gift”BJ Drews

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos of their furballs “helping”. Now we have to ask, where are the dogs, the horses, the birds…?

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