Caterday Quilts: November 23

Caterday is about our love of animials, especially our pets, and how they just seem to go on quilts…in one way on another. On Saturdays we like to feature the photos that have been shared with us by readers who want to show off their cats or dogs “helping” quilt or the quilts they’ve made that show a pet or favored “critter”. It’s all about fun…

Here are just a few. The captions are our readers’ own words.

from Kimberly Black: “My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lilybelle, keeping the tension just right on the quilting frame!”

from: Jodi Alvord: “Just finished designing and quilting this baby quilt 🙂 It was a new process for me, but I’m happy with how it turned out! It was fun :D”

from Derek Green: “Double trouble on a Caterday night.”

from Deborah Pennington: Liberty, supervising my quilting project. She insists on being on my lap when I sew.

from: Laura Gallagher: “I got back to trying to reorganize and clean out my sewing area, in hopes of getting back to my quilting projects. Tybalt decided this was terribly interesting and clearly I needed his help. Now if only he could find my smaller omnigrids.”

from: Kolleen Miller-Rosser: “Just keeping an eye in your quilts mom!!! My Gizzy sunning her self in my sewing room!!”

Thanks to everyone who shares the smiles on Caterday!

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