Caterday Quilts: October 7

Good Monday Afternoon from 24 Blocks. As everyone knows we normally get out our Caterday Feature on Saturdays, but it’s never to late to show our affection for our pets and our love of quilting. Caterday is about our cats and dogs and whatever other “critters” inspire us, comfort us, or just plain make life more interesting. We like to feature quilts about our pets, our photos of our pets “helping” us quilt…or just enjoying the quilts we’ve made. So here it is: Caterday on a Monday…

551244_731391033545085_37781816_nMartha Knoll‘s bright pink creation with fanciful dogs has been very popular with our readers. She writes that it is all her design. We love her fabric choices! Notice that it looks like each dog has a butterfly on it and that there are hearts in what almost looks like paw prints in the points of the 8-pointed star. The close quilting gives it a wonderful texture.

The ever-talented quilt artist Becky Erdman makes things sound so simple. This creation with it’s wonderul sleek cat profiled in the full moon has tree branches that look so real! Becky writes, “Had to get something finished for Caterday – Love the ability to use thread painting to create the fine branches.” It’s an inspiration! Thank you, again, Becky!

We’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the bottom center and bottom right photos in Pamela Pavao’s photo collage. She made a cat out of a nurse’s smock. You can see the partial placement of the blocks in the center and the completed work on the right. Notice that the cat has a shadow…a delightful touch! She is surely a calico! Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your work.

Merlene Burry has two furry assistants helping with this beautiful golden Double Wedding Ring. They are, of course, making it Purr-fect.

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos of their work with 24 Blocks. We not only inspire each other, but we have fun along the way! Happy Quilting!

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