Caterday Quilts: October 12

As most everyone knows, we at 24 Blocks like to feature quilts about cats or dogs or other pets on Saturdays, also known as Caterday. Sometimes the photos are also of our beloved pets “helping” us quilt or enjoying the quilts we’ve made. It’s just nice, one day a week, to enjoy some of the furry critters who make us quilters smile. Here are a few posted by our readers. The captions are in their own words.

“For your “Caterday” pics! This was my Crazy Cat Lady quilt.” — Cheri Head

“This is Fancy. She thinks that every quilt I make is hers so she has to help make them.” — Patricia Bates

“Caturday is great fun, and there is no cat like the Great Cats. This is my tribute to Bob Marley.” — Becky Erdman

“Shades of Blue Christmas quilt… Gizzy
is my helper. She loves to lay on or under my quilts. She’s special so she does whatever she wants.” — Debbie McCoy

“Sam Sam always help me sew. He especially likes this quilt because it brings out the blue of his eyes!” — BethnBill Beasley

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos of their work with 24 Blocks. Happy Quilting this beautiful weekend! Happy Caterday!

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