Caterday Quilts

Cats in Quilts


Look closely and you’ll see a happy cat winking inside the heart in this block. While Liz Argotsinger posted it as part of our celebration of hearts on quilts, we’re drawing attention to the cat. We love the whimsey and the crisp red and white with the yellow tabby. Thanks, Liz, for sharing your art with us.

Pat Engel

There’s so much surprizing humor in this quilt by Pat Engel. She calls it Crazy Cats and she made it for her sister. Notice the cheese attracting mice, cats in every pattern, differing colors eyes and noses. Two have paws extending over the next block. One wears a yellow bow. There’s embroidery and buttons and a carefree spirit. Thanks, Pat, for posting it for us to enjoy!

And a foal (they usually have barn cats, after all!)

We all so appreciate seeing the works of art that come from quilter Marcella Brown. This quilt is a story of beauty that comes with preserverance. Marcella writes “I made this thread painting of a horse resting, which I call “Repose”. Some of the accents were added by machine because I worked on this for a year and was in danger of never finishing it. The quilt pattern is Kings Cross.” Those of us who have worked for a year on something know the challenge. Thanks again, Marcella, for sharing your talent with us.

Yes, this is what quilts are for…


Paulette Neido posted this darling cat quilt and we like the blue and white. Children love quilts on sofas, especially if a sweet pet is nearby. Paulette machine stitched the pieces and then hand quilted. Thanks, Paulette, for your post on our 24 Blocks Facebook page.

And some four-legged friends are lucky enough to have their own quilts…

Molly Wisener writes “Does anybody else quilt for their “best friend”? Buddy loves his quilt for sure! I had such a great time making it for him, just an easy quilt with paw prints in some of the material. Happy quilting! :-)”. We agree. Let’s see more quilts for and about dogs!

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