Featured Member Quilts: Friday Cats on Quilts


Susan Foley writes “I made this wall hanging of my cat, Papelbon, two years ago. The pattern is from a book called Stained Glass Quilts Made Easy by Amy Whalen Helkamp. The pattern pieces are attached to a black background with 1/4″ or 1/8” left between them to form the “leading.” The raw edges are sewn with invisible thread in a blind hem stitch. The background is a batik used with the wrong side up. It hangs in my kitchen above her food dish.” Thank you so much, Susan, for sharing your creation with us and giving such a good description of the pattern and technique. We hope, too, that Papelbon, is well.


As Donna Asala says, “Cats and quilts seem to go together.”

Laura Gallagher writes “We left this section unattended while I was working on joining the top two rows. My husband’s comment was “Any space left unattended has a (25 5/minute)% chance of spontaneously generating a cat.” We agree. It happens when you turn your back.

Rozanne Mason posted this photo of her cat….opps, we meant a quilt. Seriously, the quilt was made by her sister-in-law out of Rozanne’s Grandmother’s dresses that had been in a trunk for 55 years. We love, of course, the use of cherished family clothing fabrics in our modern quilts. Thanks, Rozanne for sharing the story with our readers. The kitty is pretty, too!

And, finally, this is our own Bill (aka “Fat Quarter”) on a very faded applique that has hosted generations of cats in a sunny bedroom. We do strongly believe in proper conservation of quilts, although this one has been host to many generations of cats and children for at least 50 years. Our best quilts, like yours we’re sure, are kept properly rolled and covered, out of sunlight, and brought out on special events.

And, so, good quilters, where are the dogs? We have had one dog quilt posted. Just one…

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