You See Them Everywhere. Now Learn How To Make A Checkerboard Pattern!

Ah, the checkerboard. It does not get much more versatile than the standard checkerboard pattern, which is probably why we see them everywhere (and we are not just talking abut how often we seem them used in quilting patterns).

While checkerboard patterns use many smaller patches and as such, may seem like a semi-difficult pattern to master, we promise that it is actually not that difficult at all!

Check out the following video tutorial from Mary Fons and Quilty, and see for yourself just how simple, fun and versatile this block can be!

Tell us in the comments below: what is your favorite project to use the checkerboard pattern? Also, do not forget to share your finished project photos with us, you know we absolutely love to see your gorgeous projects; they bring us so much inspiration in our own quilting! Happy sewing!


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