Christmas Quilting: December 3

It’s been a joy to see the Christmas and holiday quilting projects that have recently been shared on the 24 Blocks Facebook page. This morning we’d like to feature just a few of them. We know that a good number of our readers are busy finishing up banners and wall-hangings and tree skirts and ornaments and quilted gift tags for this year. Some of us, too, may be finishing up whole quilts for guest beds or as very special gifts. We hope that by sharing the work we’re doing we can give more people some ideas of how to translate our love of the season into fabric.

from Chris Diebel. This is a close-up of one panel of a triptych Chris did. It shows the black satin stitch she used to make the stained glass effect. Chris writes that the triptych design comes from Stained Glass Patchwork for Christmas by fabric artist Gail Lawther. Lawther, from Britain, is best known for her books Celtic Cross Stitch and Celtic Quilting. Her Stained Glass Patchwork for Christmas came out in 2002. Her website is and does contain a section on beautiful church banners.

Thanks, Chris, for showing us your lovely work!

from: Darlene Burns: “Christmas is coming soon and I have put away my fall displays and have put this Christmas Tree wall hanging up. I made this back in 2006. The pattern is by Gail E. Abeloe. (Back Porch Press)”

Darlene’s wall hanging is just crisp and bright and looks so good with the button centers and her use of a clear green for the tree. We found the pattern, called Christmas Tree Quilt, online at Back Porch Press.

from Sharon Odgen: “All set for Christmas.” Sharon also writes that she made these quilts back in the 1980’s when she owned a quilt shop. She says she loves getting them out at Christmas and using them.

We love her family photos, too, and the wonderful vintage look of her bedroom. Her post has been very popular with our readers and we can see why!

from: Marion Davis: “Taken at my home in Village Mills,Texas Just finished this one and working on a tabletop per in this pattern”

Thanks, Marion, for showing us this tree skirt. It is beautiful and the embellishment gives it an added flourish.

Thanks to everyone who has shared how they stitch for Christmas and all the other holidays that are celebrated by so many people in so many ways.

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