Christmas Wall Hangings: December 17

Hello again from 24 Blocks. We’ve really been impressed with all the quilted wall hangings that have recently been shared at our 24 Blocks Facebook page. While it might be a bit late to stitch one up for this year, we can always plan ahead. (Then, again, your writer made a fairly intricate church banner in less than a week once…while having two babies in the house…but maybe that was the determination of youth!) What we all can say is how lovely these are and how they add to the Christmas spirit in our homes. They also make good gifts.

We’d like to thank everyone for sharing their work and their love of creating treasures in fabric.

from: Louise Szymanski: “I made this and we always hang it up for Christmas. It’s about 40″ square and was very easy. Nice for snowman collectors.”

Note: Louise adds that she can’t remember the name of the pattern and we haven’t identified it ourselves yet, either. If anyone does know the name and source, just leave a comment on the Facebook post. Louise also says that she did use paper piecing that that it would not be hard to replicate. We love the details like the buttons at the sashing corners, the scarves around the snowmen necks, and that some of the guys look surprised (see their different mouths).

from Georgie Palmer-Celli

from: Elja Smit: “From Elja Smit, Dordrecht, Holland. I made this quilt in 2008. Every year i found a special place for it!”

We’d just like to note that Elja shared this from Holland. We can feel a bit of the North Atlantic in it and the frost on windowpanes.

from: Cathy Lowrie Lansdale: “I made this wall hanging a few years ago, but I still love it. Sorry my camera is so poor. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas. lol Merry Christmas Everyone!”

Thanks to Georgie, Louise, Elja, Cathy, and everyone who has shared their creativity! Happy quilting! Stay warm and safe.

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