We Love Cinnamon Rolls, But When Made With Fat Quarters, You’re Going to Love How This Quilt Looks!


In the following tutorial from Teri at Junction Fabric, you will learn how to make the simple yet lovely Cinnamon Roll quilt! It is a fun pattern with alternating squares and rectangles that, when it is finished, gives a lovely, almost wicker basket-like look.

And while this quilt may get its name from the fabric used, you can really give it so many different looks based on which colors you choose. We love the calming, fall-like vibe we get from the colors they chose, but we can imagine just how stunning this quilt would also be with some more pastel like colors for spring, or brightly colored fabrics for the summer months!

So check out the video tutorial below, get the free pattern here, and give it a try for yourself; we can not wait to hear how your quilts turn out!


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