Clean Out Your Closet And Make This Beautiful Dress Shirt Pillow Case!

We have recently posted a tutorial on how to make a necktie quilt, and how to make a T-shirt memory quilt and since we are all about upcycling, we wanted to keep the train rolling in that direction. Besides, who doesn’t like getting a second use out of something that may otherwise find its way into the trash?

With that all said, we thought this wonderful tutorial on how to make a throw pillow case from a dress shirt would be a great idea!

This easy-to-follow video tutorial from OWIMO Design will have you cleaning out your closet in no time! Watch out kids, husband, and friends, no closets stand a chance when we have the chance to go “fabric shopping” in our very closets for free! Take a look, give it a shot and share your photos with us!


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