Quilting 101: 8 Tips for First-Time Quilters

5. Consider Pre-Cut, Packaged Fabrics


Instead of scraps, invest in pre-cut fabrics that already come in the sizes you need. Make all of your pieces 100 percent cotton so the feel of each square is exactly the same as you put the quilt together.

6. Attend a Class


Your local hobby shop or quilt shop may have classes you can attend. These seminars may require you to bring your own supplies, so get all of the details before you sign up for a course.

7. Find a Mentor


Find a mentor who can guide you until you feel confident enough to start your own projects. This person can be someone you meet in class, a relative or friend who knows the craft. A mentor can do the hard parts for you in a pinch.

8. Enjoy the Process


Take as long as you need to finish your first quilt. There’s no rush because you need to learn what it takes to complete one. Speed comes with practice. Watch this overview on the exciting world of quilting brought to you by ladies who love to sew.

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