Learn How to Hand Appliqué For Beginners

If you enjoy hand work, then we think the hand appliqué stitch is a technique you must master! The great thing about the hand appliqué method is that you can use it anywhere! Whether that be while sitting on the couch, watching TV with your significant other, or even when you travel, which we all know is definitely not something you could ever do with a machine. We also find this traditional technique to be so simple and quite relaxing. Not to mention, it looks very pretty too!

If this is a new concept for you, don’t worry as this is a beginner’s tutorial that teaches how to attach appliqués to a quilt. Hand appliqué is a very handy skill to have as a quilter as it allows you to explore more designs in your work.

Liked it? Check out some resources for hand appliqué beginners here.


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