Quilt-Like Projects For Young Kids: Paper Quilting

Your little one doesn’t have to wait until she or he is old enough to use a sewing needle to create their very own quilt design. Paper quilting is a fun crafting project with a ton of educational benefits, and it also teaches children the basics of quilting. This craft is simple enough for preschoolers, and versatile enough to keep older kids engaged.

What You’ll Need

The great thing about paper quilting is that you don’t need specialized tools or a huge list of supplies to get started. A simple paper quilt only requires paper, scissors, and glue. Almost any type of paper will do, including construction paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or plain typing paper. Optional materials include fabric or felt pieces, markers, crayons, protractors, and buttons or pom poms for embellishing. You’ll also need a background to attach your quilt blocks to, such as poster board or a bulletin board.


The Benefits of Paper Quilting

Paper crafts enhance several developmental areas in young children. Tearing, cutting, and gluing paper exercises fine motor skills, while arranging patterns for the quilt strengthens spatial reasoning abilities. Paper quilting is also a good way to practice shape and color recognition, and it’s an excellent creative outlet for kids of all ages. Projects for older children often explore various geometry and math concepts, such as symmetry, and sometimes incorporate ideas for reflective writing. Paper quilting allows children of all ages to explore color schemes, block patterns, and similar concepts, while developing an appreciation for and interest in quilting.


How to Get Started

Paper quilting projects are just as diverse as real quilting crafts. The best techniques and processes depend on the project’s objectives and the ages of the participants. Encourage very young children to arrange pre-cut construction paper shapes of various colors into their preferred layouts and patterns. Give school-age kids an assortment of scrapbook paper and scissors to cut their own shapes for their quilt blocks. Older children may enjoy recreating traditional quilt patterns on paper.The possibilities are endless when it comes to paper quilting, and it’s tons of fun for all ages.


Once their masterpiece is complete, inspire us with your kids’ unique paper quilting creations!

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