Don’t Get Yourself Into A Bind: Learn How To Finish Your Quilt The Right Way

A skirt without a hem? A book without a cover? A sundae without a cherry on top? Some things are just are not the same without proper finishing — and a quilt is definitely no exception.

While precision and attention to detail are important in every step of a quilting project, knowing how to properly finish a quilt is the most crucial step in creating a beautiful, professional looking product. A few simple tips and tricks can help to ensure your quilt comes out looking picture perfect.

Check out this video tutorial for an easy step-by-step guide to learn how to properly bind your quilt and be sure the only way anyone can tell that quilt was homemade is by the love pouring out of that masterpiece!

Is your binding looking a little lumpy? Learn how to check your machine’s tension with these troubleshooting tips.


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