Hands-On Quilting With Your Kids: Creative Entertainment

You already know how fun and creative quilting can be, so why not introduce your kids to it? Children as young as 6 can learn to use a sewing machine. Quilting teaches them patience, how plan out a project and all sorts of useful skills. They get to use their imaginations and experience the satisfaction of seeing a project through to completion, as well as getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Take a look at these great project ideas for kids plus some tips for getting your kids started as quilters.When you teach your child to use a sewing machine, cover all the safety rules, and make sure they were paying attention to them. You can take charge of steering the fabric through the needle at first, letting your kids work the pedal, but you may be surprised at how quickly your child can learn to work a sewing machine safely. Encourage them to go slowly for greater success.

Choosing the right project is key to quilting with your kids. Your kids can make accessories for their dolls or stuffed animals, decorations for their rooms, place mats, pillows and other exciting projects. Even your quilting scraps can be the basis for fun projects such as hair bows or little snakes.

Let your child pick out the project, and let her choose the fabric as well. You can step in to guide your kids toward easier projects and away from fabrics that are difficult to work with, such as velvet, but ultimately, the child should make the choices. Give her ownership of her own project to help her fall in love with the craft of quilting.Quilting is not only a great craft for your children to learn; it’s also a wonderful way for the two of you to spend time together. Check out some great tips for helping your young quilter get started here.


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