How High Is Your Fabric Scrap Pile? Use Up Scraps With These Quick Projects

Do you hang on to every scrap of fabric when you’re done with a quilt or another craft project? If you do, the real question, of course, is whether you ever use those scraps or just let them pile up and up. If you’ve got an impressive collection of fabric scraps, take a look at these small projects that you can complete in less than a day. Many of them are ideal as gifts for your kids, your friends and your kids’ teachers. How about a throw pillow? Place even the smallest strips of fabric diagonally to create an eye-catching pillow.

If you still have little ones in diapers, use child-themed scraps to create a small holder for diapers and wipes. That way you don’t have to lug a huge diaper bag around when you’re just heading out for a quick errand.

Coin purses are small and useful, and they don’t require much fabric at all. Use a sturdy fabric, or fuse double layers together with interfacing, and attach an interesting button or snap as closure.

A tiny tote is ideal for those times when you only need your phone, your credit card and your lipstick. If you have enough extra fabric, make a long strap so you can wear it as a cross-body bag.

Make a tiny stuffed bunny as a stocking stuffer or as a tie-on to a larger gift. If you have enough scraps, you can even give the little creature its own blanket.

Fabric flowers are easy to make out of scraps. Make them in all sizes to use as brooches or to attach to throw pillows or special gift wrap.One of the best ways to use up fabric scraps is to incorporate them into new quilting projects. Check out these free patterns for quilted potholders, yoga mats, coasters and more.

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