Cute, Easy AND Recycled? These Rosettes Are Such A Great Project!

In case you have not quite noticed, we have been on a bit of a recycled t-shirt kick; that should come as no surprise, because we love any kind of project that allows us to find a new way to use an old item, which may otherwise find it’s way into the trash or recycle bin.

With that said, that is exactly why we were so excited to find this great idea for a project! Marzi from MadeByMarzipan shows us how to make these adorable rosettes using a recycled t-shirt in the following video tutorial. We can think of so many great uses for these cute little roses. We are thinking embellishments on scarves, headbands, sweaters, jackets, quilts, but don’t feel limited by our imagination; we can not wait to see how you decide to use these pretty little flowers in your own projects! Let us know in the comments below how you will use them!


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