December 9 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Gerri Richards: “Thought you might get a “kick” out of how many slippers,(Cool Cat Creations patterns) that I could make from 1 layer cake. I made 13 pair of slippers from 40 – 10″ squares and used 3 patterns, men’s, women’s and children’s.”

from: Angelia Northrip-Rivera: “I made this as a mystery quilt.”

from: Angelia Northrip-Rivera: “Left-Overs Quilt: The four patches were left over from another project.”

from: Pat A Sloan: “My “Let’s Go Sew” pattern, I hope you enjoy it! — Designer Pat Sloan”

U.S. Navy SEAL's K9 Longtime Partner Was Laid To Rest With A Heartfelt Tribute: Click “Next Page” below!

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