Learn How To Turn Your Favorite Photograph Into An Appliqué Pattern!

Thanks to some amazing technology, it is now easier than ever to turn your favorite photograph into your very own, personalized appliqué pattern! Did you know that?

Using a sharpie marker, some paper, and whichever photo you want to use, you will be quilting your own, original appliqué pattern in next to no time! We swear!

One of our absolute favorite quilters, Rob from Man Sewing, is here to show us how, using this great software called gimp (you can find a link to their website here). Of course, any other art-based software such as Photoshop would work as well, if that is more your style!

So be sure to check out the following video tutorial, and see if making your own appliqué pattern is something you would be interested in! Of course, if you do give it a try, show us how it turns out!


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