Whether You Use It As A Pencil Case Or A Makeup Bag, This Simple Project Is A Must!

We love projects that are simple, look great, and that we can get a ton of use out of because they carry so many different purposes!

With this DIY pencil case and makeup bag, that is just what you get! In fact, we loved this project so much that we decided to make a few, for all of our various odds and ends that have been hanging around the house. We also think these would make great gift bags, party favors, gifts for your fellow sewing friends, or for your kid as they are heading back to school. Since you’re making them yourself, this is the perfect time to find fabric that really fits the personality of whoever it is for and really make them one of a kind!

Check out this awesome tutorial from Ann Le and see for yourself how easy this is! And, of course, let us know if you decide to make one yourself…we would absolutely love to see it!


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