Cute And Functional, Give Your Glasses A New Home With This Fabric Sunglasses Case!

We are constantly looking for projects we can apply to everyday life, so when we find one that is as cute and functional as this sunglasses case, we definitely can not wait to give it a try for ourselves!

Whether you are in an area that is sunny year-round, or you find yourself stashing your sunglasses for the winter hibernation, having a special case for them is a definite must; otherwise, they might get lost or damaged!

Now do not fret, friends, our girl Vanessa from the Craft Gemini has you covered with another great tutorial. Follow along as she shows you the ropes in the following video tutorial, and we promise, you will be giving your sunglasses a new home in no time!

Are you in a year-round sunny area or do your sunglasses spend winter in hibernation? Let us know in the comments!


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