Curved Seams Are Made Easy With This Drunkard’s Path Capsule Quilt!

We have covered curved seams before, so we obviously know that they can be a bit tricky (and we also know that many of you agree).

Needless to say, when we see a pattern like the one featured in the following tutorial from Fons & Porter — the Drunkard’s Path Capsule Quilt — we’re initially a little skeptical about whether we can do it or not. But then we watched the tutorial and realized that it’s actually not too tough!

This quilt is great because you can really define the shapes based on the contrast of your fabric. Also, you can achieve this this complex-looking pattern using only two blocks! So check it out, and give it a try if you’re feeling up to it. We think you’ll love the results, and we’d love to see them, so don’t forget to share photos of your finished quilt with us!


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