Easter Banners and a Table-Runner

Good afternoon from 24 Blocks! Several of our readers have shared with us the Easter quilts or wall-hangings they’ve created either for their church or their own home. We’ve selected two of them to feature — plus one lovely table runner. We hope that they give you some ideas for future projects.

from Pamela Adams: “Finished my Easter table runner. Love the colors in this one! Spring has sprung!! Finally!”

from: Beverly Wagoner: “I made this large wallhanging (40″x 55″) for my church for Easter. The Pastor hung in up last week and everyone is enjoying it. I had fun making it for them.”

Beverly adds “I made my own design and patterns and it is quilted by hand. It was fun to make.”

from Maureen LaComb: “This is a banner quilt I made for Church for our Easter service.”

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