This Sewing Machine Tip Is Like Having An Extra Pair Of Hands In Your Sewing Room!

We are quickly discovering that Laura from SewVeryEasy is the queen of tips and tricks that make our quilting projects and sewing lives so much easier! Today, she is back with another clever, seriously-why-did-I-not-think-of-that-myself tip that really makes quite a difference!

Seriously, this this tip it is like having an extra pair of helping hands with at your sewing machine with you! By using her sewing machine to hold one side of her fabric down (using the presser foot with the needle up) while she holds the other, Laura is left with one free hand to pin, tear and sew as needed! Feeling a little confused? See for yourself how it is done in the following clip, and then be sure to let us know, what tips and tricks you use to make your quilting easier?


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