If You’re Looking For A Change-of-Pace Project, Check Out These DIY Faux-Marble Bowls!

While we are obviously quilters at heart, every now and then we come across a craft project that is just too good to pass up; projects like this DIY faux marble decorative bowl are just what we are talking about!

This is a really simple, fun project that looks great and definitely has some functionality too (you can toss your keys, your wallet, or really, whatever you want to keep track of in it).

So take a look at the video tutorial below from The Sorry Girls, and you will see why we just had to share this project with you all today. We hope you like it as much as we did!

Now let us know in the comments how you will be using your DIY faux marble bowl around your house to keep things organized and tidy; we can’t wait to see what you say!


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