Feature Member Quilts: March 5


Kathleen Castillo posted two of the blocks for this year’s Block of the Month quilt she’s making for her Quilt Guild. She writes, “Top row is Feb. and the one below is March. When the year is finished we will have a complete quilt. Machine pieced, needle turn applique’, 20’s and 30’s feed sack reproduction fabrics. My favorite era in quilting. Just makes me smile!”. It makes us smile, too. It’s so fresh and springy. Thanks, Kathleen!

Most of our readers at 24 Blocks are familiar with the amazing quilts made by Tina Hambuch and uploaded by her husband John. This one is so very moving. It was made using items belonging to John’s mother. He writes, “My mother will always be in my Heart. Applique by Tina Hambuch. Mothers gloves, hankies and other memorable things.” This shows so much love…and talent. Notice the perfect tulip applique. Thanks again, John, for letting us enjoy—and be moved by—Tina’s talent.


This beauty is by Liz Argotsinger. She calls it “Log Cabin with a Twist”. It’s a baby quilt and she used baby type fabric for the blocks. We think is so very beautiful and want to thank Liz for sharing it with our quilting community.


Many of us on 24 Blocks make quilts for raffles or auctions for non-profits. We are very impressed that Karin Rodeheaver has been doing this for one Arts group for 23 years! Karin writes, ” In 1981 I was commisioned to make a raffle quilt for the Garrett County Maryland Arts Council for thier annual fund raiser.This quilt was the first of 23 quilts I made for them from 1981 to 2004.Since Garrett County is in the western Maryland Mountain I made the quilt to represent the local area,Log Cabins,Pine trees and Bears.The quilt is called Bears in the Woods,it has a Log cabin star in the center.” We love it. And we love working, long-term, with groups that value art in many forms. Thanks, Karin, for sharing this with us!

Kelly Grobe posted this photo to our 24 Blocks Facebook page and we love the idea…and the finished quilts. She writes, “My sister and I bought some bolts of fabric at a store going to of business and decided to do a SISTERS CHALLENGE..we decided how many colors we wanted (4) put the fabric in a bag and picked out 2 each. We were not aloud to see each other untill the reveal..the small one we made together for our sister-in-law (more like our sister) Here they are ..so much fun!!” They are wonderful…and those quilts are going to go down in the families for generations…along with the story! Thanks, Kelly!

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