Featured Member Baby Quilts: March 12

This is just the back of a fantastic baby quilt created by Barb Post. We wanted to show it first just simply because we can imagine a toddler delighting at all the figures and hearts and stars when he or she wakes up from a nap. Our readers at 24 Blocks have delighted in it, too, and…


Here’s the front. Barb writes, “Imade this pieced baby quilt for a future grandchild. I entered it intoour local Lighthouse Quilt Guild Show, in Grand Haven Michigan, July 2012, and won Third Prize in small quilts. I call it “Puppy Parade” and it’s an older pattern from Plain Jane. The fabric was a line created by Grand Rapids Michigan artist Carol Rhoda. Char Koppenol did the quilting and if you look closely at the center blocks you can see quilted “Scotty Dogs”. The backing is by Carol Rhoda too.” We’d like to thank Barb for sharing her work with 24 Blocks and for showing both sides and giving such a good description of the process she used.

Christiane Burtchett simply writes that this baby quilt is called “Ring Around the Rosie” and that it currently lives in Germany. We love it and the use of hearts for roses. It is clear and fresh and we’re sure it is loved where ever it is. Quilts keep us all warm and making them for others keeps them in our hearts, too.

Catharine Basirico
writes that this baby quilt was for Baby Chloe and that she did a lot of heirloom stitching on the blocks before quilting. Isn’t it nice to see a baby quilt that also passes on the heritage of the quilter’s art? Thank you so much, Catharine, for sharing it with us.


How many of us have used flannel in making baby quilts? We loved this one posted by Samira Fitts not just for the soft colors and designs of sleeping babies, but because it is of warm and soft flannel. Samira writes that it was hard to do this pattern because of the heaviness of the fabric. But we can all agree that sometimes good things are hard. Thank you, Samira.

We’d like to end this morning with a very special work of art. It’s a memory blanket for a baby who would have been one today, March 12. Toni Senecal writes that she made it for Slone Elisabeth’s mommy. It has moved all of us deeply. We want to extend the sweetest thoughts we all can have and hope that they wrap everyone in a shared warmth. Thank you, Toni.

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