Featured Member Baby Quilts: March 24


We wanted to start tonight by sharing two quilts made by Christiane Burtchett. This one is called “Buggie Business” and was made for a sweet little baby girl. Don’t you love the colorful edges?


And this one, by Christiane, is called “Jack’s”. It was made for her brother’s first daughter. We thought it was striking because of the use of greens and yellows. Thank you, Christiane, for sharing these with our 24 Blocks quilting community.

Look at the beautiful quilting in this baby quilt by Annette Ozgowicz. Annette writes, “Thisis a baby quilt I’ve made from an old pattern I found many years ago. I’ve fused the animals down, then hand blanket stitched and did hand embroyery on them. I did have it custom machine quilted. Just need a baby girl grandchild now to give it to.. I’m still hoping.. !! 4 boys no girls..” It is lovely and would be treasured by any family that recieved it. Thanks again for posting your works of art for us all to enjoy.

This dreamy and peaceful beauty is comforting just to admire. It was made by Liz Argotsinger for a Twin Girl. The gradiations of the colors, the stitching and the scalloped edges make it a quilt that will sure to be a heirloom. Thanks again, Liz.

Amy Dye Smith‘s work has been popular with our readers. She writes, “Thisis a baby quilt I made for a couple at my church. I’ve heard these called many things, but I always called them “biscuit” quilts. When I finished making this, I had one extra pillow left over, so I put a couple of jingle bells in it and made a baby rattle to match the quilt!” It looks so comfortable! Thanks, Amy, for sharing it with us all. (Some of us may want to make those for grown-ups!)

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