Featured Member Memory Quilts: October 24

Tonight we’d just like to highlight some of the memory quilts that have been posted by our readers at 24 Blocks. Memory quilts are generally made to help us capture an event, or a time period, or a whole life. They tell the stories of love and respect and the deep need we have to capture memories in a form that is both art and something lasting. Sometimes they are made from baby clothes, sometimes T-shirts or sports jerseys, sometimes uniforms, sometimes clothing or ties from a relative or friend who has gone on, sometimes from photos transferred to fabric.

We hope these examples inspire you to stitch the memories you and your loved ones share. Telling the good stories draws us closer together and seems to seal a bit of happiness for the good times remembered.

It’s a real treasure for any child to see a quilt that has been made for her from her baby things. Quilts like this one by Juanita Van Keulen help tell family stories. We love how she did it and what she has written:

“Thisquilt was an inspiration of my niece who wanted a quilt of her daughter’s first couple years of clothes she wore for memories of first events. i.e., first Christmas bib, first Halloween, etc.

It’s bright and cheerful and we know that grand-niece will cherish it and want to hear over and over the stories that go with each block. Quilts like this are time-capsules. Thank you Juanita for your post.

Robin Lebold writes, “Ijust completed this Military Memory Quilt made from the uniforms, patches, nametapes and pictures of the Airman it was made for.

Thank you, Robin, for sharing your work with 24 Blocks. It is elegant in its refinement and restrained use of color. It’s a tribute of service that we know will last for many generations!

Some memory quilts are memorials. They help tell the story of those we love who have passed on. This one, made by Linda Salter, speaks of friendship and family and an appreciation of a shared love of earth’s goodness. Linda writes,

“Imade this memorial quilt for our sister Connie; she passed away in 2009. We had her celebration on the Oregon coast. I put a picture of each of us and family in the center of each star. She loved wildlife, soI appliqued moose, deer & a bear in the center. Everyone who came signed the quilt.

Linda’s quilt has been very popular with our readers. We’d like to thank her not just for posting the photo, but also for interacting so well with our community at 24 Blocks. Thank you again, Linda, and we wish you and your family the very best.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make our quilting community a place not only for sharing our work, but our inspiration too. Now we all need to think about how to stitch more memories…

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