Featured Member Quilts: January 26th

Today, we’d like to show three quilts that are either officially “Crazy Quilts” or their use of colorful ties give a bit of that feel. Crazy quilts, as we all know, were Victorian favorites. They used fine velvets, silks and brocades with embroidery and, often, embellishments. They were used primarily as throws in parlors. Since the fabrics used were expensive and the quilts weren’t used primarily for warmth, they signaled social status and the ability to have leisure.

Today ties, old prom dresses, draperies (a la Scarlet) and all kinds other sources can provide fabric for crazy quilts. We’d love to see a revival in making them!

Thanks go to Sharon, Mary and Kathy for sharing their work with all of us.

from: Sharon Gowell-Sparzynski: “I call this Grandma’s crazy button box”

We just love seeing the vintage buttons used like this. We’re guessing that both the fabric and the button’s could tell many stories. Thanks, Sharon for sharing it with us. It’s an idea we might try, too!

from: Mary Blevins: “Quilt made of mostly neckties. “

You can see a close up of Mary’s tie Crazy Quilt here.

from: from Kathy Thayer: “This is the necktie quilt I made for my nephew using his dad’s neckties. What a fun quilt to make. I copied a quilt I saw on Pinterest. My thanks to the person who posted it. I hope I’ve done your quilt justice.”

Although not a “Crazy Quilt”, Kathy’s fantastic concentration of the colorful ties in the middle gives the same feeling of fun and luxury. Hanging it over the metalwork band also shows a great fun spirit.

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